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Hold On! Just before all your hard work becomes reality. Having a multitude of Cardio Machines will sure get your consumers moving, but, what if we tell you that their experience in your new gym can be brought to a whole new level! Allow us to introduce 5 different consoles that your consumers could use to run further; to climb higher on your machines.


5 different consoles to choose from

  1. Touch & Touch XL Consoles

This is Matrix’s most prestigious lineup. Using the latest infotainment technologies available. The Touch Consoles is created to exceed expectations with brilliant displays and fluid app interfaces. Now your gym members can connect to entertainment, social media, facility communications and more, all updated for free by Matrix.
On top of the numerous features that your members get to play with and mix it up with their workout. (Such as SPRINT 8 or iFIT). The Touch Console goes far beyond the stunning entertainment, favourite apps and social media access your people demand — YOU can actually use it to promote your brand and all the things that make your facility special. With its branded communication interface, your members will never miss your next special offer or exciting event, and this exposure will open lucrative new revenue streams for your gym.

Available on the Performance Plus Treadmill and all Performance, Endurance and Lifestyle Series cardio equipment, the Touch Console features a 41 cm / 16″ screen.

Available exclusively on treadmills and ClimbMills for all cardio series, the Touch XL Console features an extra-large 56 cm / 22″ screen.


2. Premium LED Console

Want your gym member to get straight to breaking out sweat without any distractions? The Premium LED Console combines an icon-based interface with a colourful, pixel-rich display for easy-to-navigate, engaging workouts. It allows your gym members to connect their Apple Watch and includes Sprint 8, optional RFID login, headphone jack, reading rack and WiFi to work with Matrix Connected Solutions. Compatible with all Performance, Endurance and Lifestyle Series cardio equipment. Great for any gym that adopts a no-nonsense policy in its theme.

Similarly to the Touch consoles. The Premium Led Consoles come pre-installed with all the major software that your members can benefit from and enhance their training performances. All packed into an intuitive and responsive console.


 3. Group Training LED Console

We understand that sometimes, in order to boost the reception of your gym. You may want to create special classes that involve a group of members, such as Spin classes. Therefore, to make the whole experience much more seamless, smoother and more rewarding. The Group Training LED Console can do that!
The interface is easy to navigate, and features like one-touch controls and preset intensity keep participants in sync with instructor cues. Its versatile design also makes it easier to work with participants of different ability levels. Includes optional WiFi to work with Matrix Connected Solutions. Compatible with all Performance, Endurance and Lifestyle Series cardio equipment.


4. LED Console

At the end of the day, perhaps even the most tech-savvy would want a little escape from all the clatters and noises that it brings. Thus, the LED Consoles make sure nothing gets between your members and their workout. It offers your members the rawest experience in their workout. Detaching themselves from the concerns of the outside world and pushing them to go even harder.

Even our most streamlined consoles include optional WiFi to work with some of our most powerful Connected Solutions, including Engage 360, Community 360 and Asset Management. Compatible with all Performance, Endurance and Lifestyle Series cardio equipment. Offering you the flexibility of options to tailor to your gym.